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MARY L. BOGERS, AAS, Owner and Chief Financial Officer (CF0).   Mary studied computer and business science at Estrella Mountain Community College, Goodyear, AZ. She is deeply committed to providing every client with exceptional service and individualized care. Mary is no stranger to personal battles.    At an extremely young age she was faced with the seemingly insurmountable obstacles of dealing with the affects of a debilitating neurological and spinal affliction.  Even though doctors assumed that these  injuries were far too great Mary proved even the most skeptical wrong.   Even though told that she was destined to remain in a wheel chair, Mary smiled and moved forward without turning back.  The empty wheel chair of two decades  ago stand as a testimony of her strength and determination.   Mary has not stopped and continues to push forward becoming involved in many community activities that include such notable undertakings as the 'special Olympics Texas' (www.specialolympics.org). Her love and passion for special education and those afflicted and in need of special education are but one of many incredible personal attributes she possess. As one of the owner partners Mary brings to the table an incredible wealth of knowledge and administrative competence that is unparalled in this profession.

James W Bogers, M.Ed, President and Operations Officer, has incredible background, education, and criminal investigation experiences that expand well over 40 years!   JIM is no stranger to this profession. 

Mr. Bogers spent 25 years in the United Sates Army and retired as an Army Officer.  During his early military career he was selected as one of the few highly elite SPECIAL FORCES GREEN BERETS and served one and a half tours of duty in Vietnam.   His combat and military experience earned him the BRONZE STAR w/V Device; Cross of Gallantry, combat infantry badge, 5 Meritorious Service Medals, and 10 Army Commendation Citations, and made one of the few VIETNAM AIR ASSAULT jumps while under enemy fire.  

Mr. Bogers was eventually appointed to another highly professional group as an Army Criminal Investigator Special Agent, working special assignments as an undercover narcotics agent, operating in European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, and many other European and middle eastern countries.  Upon completion of a 9 year DEA Narcotics Task Force assignment MR. BOGERS was assigned as the CID Counter-Terrorism Coordinator for all of Europe.  His job took him into the depths of specialized operations involving such terrorist organizations as Red Army Faction (RAF); German Red Cells (RZ); Italy's notorious RED BRIGADE; Palestinian Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP); and other more radical splinter groups lead by George Habash. 

During this period Mr. Bogers also assisted in the Personal Protection of the Secretary of Defense Harold Brown (1980-1981); and close in protection for Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger during his many visits to Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Middle East, and Greece.  In the ladder years of his CID assignments MR. BOGERS worked with the FBI on special FRAUD INVESTIGATION TASK FORCE operations in Detroit Michigan and Corpus Christi, Texas. 

In 1991 Mr. Bogers entered the private security sector and worked as a senior Security Manager for DIAMOND SHAMROCK/ULTRA MART convenience stores covering a five (5) State areas.  His duties involved  extensive employee security training, internal investigations, and pro active anti-theft and anti-robbery initiatives. 

During 1991 through 1995 Mr. Bogers also held a Texas Peace Officer commission and worked as a reserve police officer serving warrants and assisting in police patrol.  During 1995 through 2000 Mr. Bogers returned to policing and spent those years in mid level police management. 

In 2000 Mr. Bogers joined IPC INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION and held positions as a SECURITY DIRECTOR of MALL SECURITY at three of the largest malls in the United States; managing and leading a security and police detachment of officers at METRO CENTER MALL (SIMON Property); SAN FRANCISCO CENTRE (WESTFIELD Property); and  MacArthur Centre (TODDMAN Property).  

After completing his Master Degree in Education in 2008 Mr. Bogers returned to Texarkana, Texas, and joined the Whelan Security Group to operate the security force at the largest American Paper Mill (DOMTAR).  in addition to his military and police training (well over 5,000 hours), MR. BOGERS holds a black belt in the martial arts discipline of KUNG FU.

Mr. Bogers' Resume include:
Security Manager (2008-2011):   http://www.domtar.com/en/pulp/mills/435.asp
Security Director (2006-2008):    http://www.shopmacarthur.com/
Security Director (2004-2006):    http://westfield.com/sanfrancisco
Security Director (2001-20040;   http://www.metrocentermall.com/
Employer 2001-2008):               http://www.ipcinternational.com/
Security Consultant - Texarkana Coca Cola Company        http://www.coca-cola.com/en/index.html   
Private Investigator - Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

Deputy Sheriff (Court Service Division)

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